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TSL to Begin Face Mask Production in U.K.

Published: June 11, 2020
Author: mhamza

As of July 2020, TSL, a manufacturer of healthcare products, will be leading the charge in bringing the manufacture of face masks back to the U.K., with a current capacity of over 100 million p.a. to support retail, industry, caregivers, essential workers and the general public.

TSL has invested heavily in state-of-the-art machinery and tooling to deliver various different types of face masks; including surgical grade for institutions such as the NHS, as well as general use / fit for purpose grades which are more suitable for the general public (to be sold in retail outlets).

These face masks will be produced at its manufacturing site in Wigan in accordance with all National and European (applicable) regulations. TSL is a ISO13485 approved company.

CEO Chris Patterson says: “This is a great opportunity following Brexit, whilst in the midst of a Global healthcare crisis to support the NHS / key workers and the general public by investing in U.K. manufacturing. Creating local jobs and doing our bit to build a stronger U.K. economy. We are proud to be supporting and protecting all our brilliant care-workers and keyworkers, small business owners and all those front line staff who are currently keeping the U.K. economy going.”


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