By: Seshadri Ramkumar, Texas Tech University, USA

(Lubbock, USA, April 30, 2019)- Today, video showcasing the applicability of non-microplastic oil absorbent wipe, Towelie™ has been released.

Lubbock-based E Innovate, LLC showcased the applicability and positive features of non-microplastic oil absorbent mat, Towelie™ via a video release today.

The product’s history is interesting in that the founder of E Innovate, LLC, Ronald Kendall, Jr., was initiated into cotton research while he was a high school student by this scribe in the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech University (TTU). Ronald Kendall, Jr. has brought in mechanical engineer Luke Kitten of Slaton to take the product to the next phase.

Both Ronald Kendall, Jr. and Luke Kitten carried out research on cotton in the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory at TTU, while studying in high schools in Lubbock, USA.

The video is available at the company’s YouTube channel:

Towelie™ product information is available at: