“When it comes to working on new developments, we always start from new ideas and the constant research that starts from a concept that becomes reality, by increasingly raising the bar of sustainability,” said Alice Tonello, R&D and Marketing Director of Tonello.

The collaboration between Tonello and denim designer Piero Turk gave birth to a sustainable denim collection, result of a combination of the latest responsible technologies, and created with the most eco-friendly fabrics selected by The Kingpins Show.

18 exclusive and contemporary denim pieces, result of the premium experience of Piero Turk, and Tonello with its new brand-new finishing process: The Laundry (R )Evolution.

This is a radically new conception thought to simplify and optimize the entire garment finishing process.

It involves only 2 technologies in the entire finishing cycle, reducing waste and optimizing resources: LaserBlaze, and The All-in-One-System. Finally we use Metro, our software that processes real data, in real time to check all laundry consumption, optimizing processing times and improving performance.

The All-in-One System performs all washing operations by integrating 4 sustainable technologies into a single machine: ECOfree 2, which uses ozone in both the water and air; NoStone® for authentic and pumice-free stone-wash effects; UP, for washing processes with at least 50% less water; Core, a nebulizing system improving performance and reducing water consumption.

As a result of The Laundry (R )Evolution, Tonello developed two innovative and patent-pending processes: OBleach and Wake.

OBleach is the new Tonello process, which, by using only ozone, “returns to the future” with an authentic, sustainable and cool Bleach. Without chemicals.

This is possible thanks to a combination of the technologies part of our All-In-One System.

In short, the real Bleach without Bleach has finally arrived. And this in the year of the total ban of permanganate too.

Wake is the first totally natural dyeing system that uses only plants and biodegradable vegetable waste like flowers, berries and roots, without harmful chemicals additives.



For more than 35 years we have been a reference point for the most important laundry and dyeing companies all over the world and for fashion brands – it’s because we don’t simply make machines but we produce ideas.

We design, develop and manufacture our machines: they are well and truly ‘ours’.

We make them in our own factories, monitoring every stage of the process, for it is only like this that we can assure our customers that these machines are exactly what we promise in terms of efficiency, sustainability and productivity.

We make every mechanical and electronic component, we create our own software and we assemble and test every finished product: always using the most advanced installations and technologies.

Our work ethic and our attention to detail is the same today as it was on the day we began. Because we are basically the same as we were all those years ago.

And, like then, we always look ahead, to create a better future.