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To Entice Youth, Tamil Nadu to ‘Reform’ Handloom Sector

Published: October 10, 2023

The government of Tamil Nadu is in the process of adopting a number of changes in the handloom sector. These reforms include increasing the pay of weavers and enhancing marketing in an effort to interest younger people in weaving.

During an interview with DT Next, a high-ranking official from Tamil Nadu’s handloom department expressed worry that a lack of planning is hurting the handloom sector. This fear is especially warranted in light of the growing impact that technology and automation are having on the textile industry.

He pointed out that despite the various efforts taken by the state government, the industry is still struggling with problems and that the low pay for weavers is still a worry that influences the decisions that young people make.

According to the official, the new efforts will concentrate on developing new handloom products and expanding their existing offerings. 

He added that in order to protect the handloom industry, the government has decided to undertake stronger branding and increased marketing by collaborating with private enterprises and brands. This would help ensure the sector’s continued viability.

He said, “Another key focus area is to up-skill the weavers and induct the young generation,” and went on to say, “It has been decided to increase the wage level of weavers and allied workers.”

The official noted that attempts are being made to migrate from plain looms to pneumatic looms in order to boost output, assure cost-effectiveness, and eliminate labour-intensive work. This is in reference to the paradigm shift that is now taking place.

“Shifting manual jacquard to electronic and pneumatic jacquard to infuse new designs are also in the cards,” he is believed to have stated. “The possibilities are endless.”

In addition to this, he provided recommendations for transforming private residences into community workshops in the interest of making weaving a more lucrative profession. The focus of the department is shifting away from gorgeous sarees and towards more comfortable clothing in order to appeal to younger generations.

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