The Tamil Nadu Government has signed six MOUs with different companies to work on the production of textiles from natural resources. The Tamil Nadu is all set to invest in the upliftment of the State’s textile industry. The announcement was made by the Department of Handlooms and Textiles during the two-day Global Spin Trade Conclave and Exhibition in Chennai. As per the department, it is invested to make the state leader in the Textile industry.

As per the plan, the government shall be making a significant investment in the textile industry to increase its productivity. In a bid to do this, it has signed six MOUs with different companies for producing textiles from natural fibres, using Kalamkari paintings in sarees, and so on. M Vallalar, Commissioner of Textiles said that, “Tamil Nadu is not the leader in technical textiles. In fact, Tamil Nadu is lacking in technical textiles, but it is open to change and is welcoming investments. The State government is developing the technical textiles policy and the policy will soon be launched.

Further, he said, at present, India lags behind China and Europe which are leading with 50 percent of total global textile production. Hence, the department will be conducting regular seminars to attract investments from international technical textiles. He also lauded the State government’s effort to launch the mini textile parks scheme. The government is going to offer a 50% subsidy to those companies that register under this park. He also invited entrepreneurs to invest in technical textiles production in the State. Rajeev Saxena, Minister of Textile also lauded the central government’s effort to make leadingprogress in the textile industry. The Indian government is also planning to organise an international seminar on technical textiles in the near future.