Having a pet can be one of the purest and most rewarding experiences in one’s life. They inevitably become an integral part of your family and lifestyle. From tending to their every need to keeping a check on their nourishment, being alert and heedful becomes increasingly important in every pet-parents’ life. And while sufficient effort is put into their nourishment, it is also important to focus on the quality of their life, both indoors and outdoors. Understanding this, Pepperfry offers a wide variety of products that enrich the daily life of your beloved pet.


Small Pet Bed In Purple Colour

This Small Pet Bed In Purple Colour from Pepperfry offers a year-round comfort like no other. It is made with premium velvet fabric, which gives more durability, and strength and for rough touch usability. Spacious and soft, this portable bed is ideal for a quick afternoon nap or a long night’s sleep. 



Pet Cooling Mats in Blue Colour

This easy-to-clean Pet Cooling Mat in Blue Color on Pepperfry’s website ensures convenience and durability as it can be washed in a washing machine without shrinking or deforming. This mat ensures your four-legged friend remains cool and comfortable, even during exceptionally hot days. 



Carrier Bag in Printed Grey Colour

Taking your pet out has never been easier with this comfortable, breathable, and colorful option available on Pepperfry.com. The Carrier Bag in Printed Grey Color is a spacious alternative to a leash while embarking on a long journey, offering a safe retreat to your furry friend.