A saree is one of the few garments that can be worn in a number of different ways. It may have had humble beginnings, but it is now every fashionista’s go-to ensemble. In recent years, Generation Z has regained the saree by adapting it to its modern designs. The youth are so enamoured with the saree and its vibrancy that they can be seen wearing it in any environment they encounter. Sarees are being worn by young girls all over the world, increasing their adaptability to fit any body type and occasion, as illustrated below:

Gracing the board room: The clothing choices of employees define the workplace culture.Sarees, whether worn alone or with a blazer, jacket, or shirt, emanate authoritative appeal that fits well into a dynamic formal atmosphere, makes you look competent, and makes a style statement.

Chilling out at the brunch party: With the impending heatwave, females are gearing up to convert their fashion mood boards to easy-to-wear, lively, and colourful outfits that not only complement their style but also allow them to breathe effortlessly. And what goes better with a free-flowing saree than a gorgeous designer bralette or crop top? Brunch is all about appearing glammed up while casually getting together with your friends and unwinding, so dressing for the season and venue makes a big difference.

A Date to remember: Sarees are quite adaptable and can be worn on a restaurant, movie or art gallery date without looking out of place. A vibrant saree combined with the correct accessories is ideal for a date night look. Your flowysaree might be paired with a crop top and accessorised with striking earrings, chokers, and belts for an amazing appearance. Sarees can be worn anywhere, from a dinner date to a night out dancing.