Fast fashion, has been hugely scrutinised during the COVID-19 crisis, and there will be more calls for fashion to slow down, according to Abdullah Abo Milhim; lecturer in Economics, Finance, Analytics, Luxury & Wealth Management, at the Istituto Marangoni, a private Italian school of fashion and design with branches in several cities across the globe.

“I don’t think personalised fashion is the solution for fast fashion, it much deeper than that; a fundamental rethinking is needed, as companies have been learning new lessons on aspects of consumer engagement, sentiment, supply chain disruptions and social responsibility,” says Milhim in the June 2020 edition of Fibre2Fashion.

“Yet, personalised fashion can serve other purposes considering that consumers are becoming more experiential. I think we are experiencing a shift in the interlinked relations between technology, personalisation and experience. The focus is the consumers again, but this time planning a strong role in personalising their own experiences through engaging with smart technologies provided by the brands,” he adds