“A ticket to fashion…and back!”: Circular Economy is protagonist of the third and final session of the Textile Library Circular Symposium organized by Museo del Tessuto di Prato together with C.L.A.S.S. Ecohub

29th September at 5pm the third session with the participation of leading companies as
Timberland, Stella McCartney and Re.VerSo™

The Textile Library Circular Symposium is the cycle of digital meetings organized by Museo del Tessuto di Prato in synergy with C.L.A.S.S. Ecohub, born to deepen and integrate the new Textile Library section of the Museum entirely dedicated to circular textiles and created as an opportunity to disseminate contemporary textile culture, which sees Prato district as a dynamic and active place. A symposium conceived as a virtual space for conversation which in its path involved, through the three sessions, 10 game changers who were able to create innovation not only with eco-high-tech products and materials, but also with new formulas, business models and production systems that respect planet and people. Among the speakers of the cycle there have been visionary innovators who have generated and are generating change at all levels, from the entire production system and beyond retailers, internationally leading brands, research companies and communication experts, up to the final consumer.

With the third session – A ticket to fashion… and back! dedicated to circular economy – we get to the heart of the path started on May 13 with THE SUSTAINABLE PERSPECTIVE, a meeting during which professionals from different fields shared their perspective on sustainability, continued on July 15 with THE SECOND CHANCE, which deeply examined the meaning of technology and the economy of recycling. On 29 September, thanks to the interventions of companies such as Timberland, Stella McCartney and Re.VerSo™, we’re ready to “close the circle”, the real one of circular economy, by analyzing the countless opportunities of this multi-faceted approach thanks to the contribution of exceptional players who will share their experience and their different perspectives in responsible business in dialogue with Giusy Bettoni, CEO of C.L.A.S.S., who will moderate the meeting.

Essential contribution to the session is that of Elisabetta Baronio, Sustainability & Responsibility Manager EMEA, TIMBERLAND, at the helm of the brand’s sustainable projects. Drawing on the experience in managing the circular economy agenda of VF Corporation in Europe, she will talk about the group’s journey towards circular economy and in particular the Timberland strategy.

This is followed by the precious intervention of Veronica Potocko, Fabrics and Trims Manager of Stella McCartney, a true passionate about sustainability for twenty years and in the brand’s team since 2011. Working for a responsible innovation ambassador like Stella McCartney constantly opens up new challenges and perspectives, which will be illustrated through some significant case histories, collaborations over the years of ethical commitment of the brand and the new technological frontiers available to sustainability.

The meeting will end with Marco Signorini, Marketing Manager of Re.VerSo™, the identifying brand of an advanced, integrated, transparent, traceable and certified supply chain that recovers and transforms wool, cashmere and baby camel pre-consumer waste, putting them back into production for maximum reuse. Its traceability system that allows to give new life to discarded garments and that directly involves consumers, who return to the partner stores of the initiative theirs used cashmere or wool sweaters which are then
withdrawn and regenerated. Re.VerSo™, a leading reality in the district but not the only one, makes Prato the center of the culture of recycling, a necessary and fundamental step that leads to circular economy and of which Re.VerSo™ was milestone at an international level. Signorini will tell the story of the brand, of which, among other things, Stella McCartney was one of the first users, and its precious partnerships.

“Defining circular economy with such exceptional players, trying to analyze a wide spectrum, different perspectives for a common intent of the many faces of the circular economy and its business models. This is the goal of the Textile Library Circular Symposium”, declares Francesco Marini, President of Fondazione Museo del Tessuto di Prato. “Today a “path ends” with something that in reality, in its DNA, never ends, such as circular economy, the central theme of the exhibition path of the Museo del Tessuto di Prato and of C.L.A.S.S. mission: for a beautiful and good fashion, able to contribute in building a truly sustainable future”.