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The success of an organization is depended on their employee happiness, wellness, and personal growth

Published: June 5, 2020

New Delhi, 4th June 2020: PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized an
interactive session on “Workplace Wellness for Better Immunity & Higher
Productivity” with an arena of august Panelist which included Mr. Sarthak
Behuria, Senior Advisor, Reliance Industries; Mr. S K Roongta, Ex-Chairman,
SAIL; Mr. Alok Shriram, Senior Managing Director and CEO, DCM Shriram
Industries Ltd; Mr. Chitranjan Dar, Group Head (Central Projects R&D,
Sustainability, Quality), ITC Limited and Mr. Ajay Poddar, MD, Syenergy
Environics Ltd, and others.

Dr. R K Somany, Chairman & MD, HSIL mentioned about introducing a family concept in which the family members of an employee are called & are informed about the hard work being done by their relative at work- a practice being followed in his organization.
Mr. Sarthak Behuria, Senior Advisor, Reliance Industries, deliberated that trust in employees, empathy and decision making are important qualities of a good leader and added to maintain the position and reputation of an organization, a successful leader should get into the shoes of its employees to understand their perspective. Senior management should have a helpful nature of their working staff. While every company has challenges, a healthy working environment will help in retaining the employees and keep them dedicated to the company.

Mr. S K Roongta, Ex-Chairman, SAIL, while talking about the work environment, emphasized that transparent communication and result orientation are necessary to ensure that organization works smoothly in the
long run. The employees should follow the process and rules which will help
in the growth of the organization as well as of employees. The aspiration of
the employees should be in sync with the organization’s vision and mission.

Mr. Alok Shriram, Senior Managing Director and CEO, DCM Shriram Industries Ltd, highlighted that a happy employee is a responsible and productive
employee. This can be achieved if the senior management understands the
condition of the employees and treats them like a family.

He also emphasized that in these times of COVID-19, we need to follow the
rules to combat the spread of the pandemic which are self- isolation, social
distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, and others.

Mr. Chitranjan Dar, Group Head (Central Projects R&D, Sustainability,Quality), ITC Limited, emphasized that people are the most important asset to any organization and developing them is very important for reaching new heights of success. He always believed in the open-door policy for keeping two-way communication with its employees and at the same time, nurturing to create a team that grows in knowledge expansion and success.

Mr. Ajay Poddar, MD, Syenergy Environics Ltd, as an initiator of the webinar, emphasized the need to focus and increase the wellness programs
in the workplace which can lead to better immunity and health of the
employees and higher productivity in the delivering of work.

Dr. D. K. Aggarwal, President, PHD Chamber in his presidential remarks welcomed all the Panelist, delegates and deliberated on the importance of a health work environment. He said that an employee spends 1/3rd of his time and take 1/3rd of his meals at the workplace, hence healthy work environment is much more important to feel connected and be loyal to the company which leads to longer service periods. He also emphasized the need for wellness programs in the organization which will help to maintain the immunity of employees along with keeping the work environment productive, positive, and healthy for the long run. He also talked about the increase in standing workstations, work from home, remote working, and how such flexible working patterns have led to better employee satisfaction and a productive

Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, Vice President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry
delivered a formal vote of thanks to all the esteemed panellists, participants and summarised the session.

Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary General, PHD Chamber also thanked all the Panelist and the attendees.

The session was moderated by Mr. Vivek Seigell, Principal Director, and PHD Chamber. The Webinar was attended senior members of PHD Chamber and over 325 industry stalwarts across the globe.

The session was in partnership with Syenergy Environics Ltd. along with Media partners including MedGate Today; DRUG Today Medical Times; Crystal Hues; Pharmatutor and others.

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