1. He should be aware of the looms and machineries in that particular shed. Their function, positive / negative sides, how to operate, it`s maintenance schedule and best of the outcome. 
  2. He must be capable to direct, educate his juniors how best the looms can produce the best quality and production.
  3. He should be aware of the qualities running in that shed, the count/ den of warp & weft. 
  4. He should be aware the details of the particulars i.e. loom width, loom speed, sorts running at that loom, reed/ pick, Reed space, total ends, beam length, time to run out the beam.
  5. He must have the quality conception of the shed. What Management expects, what is the maximum possible outcome and why?
  6. He must be aware the day by day Production efficiency of the shed. He should aware what the target vs. is achieved. If target not achieved, then why? How best the target can be achieved? 
  7. He should aware of the breakage studies and the causes of breakages. He should be aware what the remedies are and how to minimise the breakage rate. Proper feed back to previous dept / Management is must to improve the qualities.
  8. He must know the fabric defect, their causes and remedies. Should be able to guide the jobbers, weavers, fitters how best the fabric defect can be minimised.
  9. He should aware about running maintenance, Preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance so that the Maintenance Manager can get a proper feed back to correct the loom. 
  10. Proper Report preparation, record keeping, feed back to Management are necessary for him. 
  11.  Waste control, % waste generation, the causes and remedies should be aware by him.
  12.  Proper housekeeping, it’s necessary, how to direct the concerned people should be known by him. 
  13. His behaviour with juniors, transparency in directing, understand the duties, responsibilities should be reflected so that the juniors learn good working system. 
  14. A hard working man with determination, are also necessary for him so that he can create example with juniors who will follow him in positive direction.