The National Retail Federation (NRF) is the largest retail trade association in the world. The NRF consists of members from all phases of the retail industry ranging from department stores to independent retailers. Representing not only the United States, but they also encompass over 45 countries.

Often described as the “voice of retail,” the NRF represents merchants across the globe, which is why the NRF has provided these retailers and merchants with information and resources during this turbulent time.

One of the key ways in which the NRF is sharing information is through the ‘Open doors checklist.’ An outline of key topics and information needed when considering reopening shops and resuming trading. Members are entitled to resources and information diving on several important topics such as logistics, social distancing and safety issues, legal and liability issues. These resources include advice on everything from property, cleaning, and PE to furlough layoffs and workforce law.

But the NRF isn’t only supporting business. They’re also supporting the individuals. Many jobs and livelihoods have been lost due to the direct effects of coronavirus. To try and combat this and provide income opportunities, the NRF has orchestrated a job board for those in the retail industry and are posting jobs with varying skill and experience levels.