As per the most updated data, the European Union (excluding U.K.) imported USD 16.87 billion worth of apparel from Bangladesh in 2021, while their import from the world was US$ 85.32 billion. With 19.78% share of EU’s total apparel import, Bangladesh remains the 2nd largest apparel source for EU after China.  EU’s import from Bangladesh increased by 18.99% in 2021 compared to the previous year 2020, while their global apparel import grew by 8.50%.

China, being the top apparel import source for EU and having a 30.21 % share, registered 9.19% Y-O-Y growth.  EU’s imports from China reached USD 25.78 billion dollars in 2021. Turkey is the third largest source of apparel import for EU which posted 17.06% growth during the same period. EU imported USD 10.89 billion worth of clothing from Turkey. Other countries having significant growth are Morocco 26.24%, Pakistan 26.07%, Sri Lanka 18.77%, and India 18.67%.

This may also be noted that during the past 10 years (2011-2021), the value of EU’s apparel import from Bangladesh has grown by 5.97% on average annually, whereas their import from the world has shown 0.03% average annual decline. EU’s import from China dropped by -3.32% annually during the mentioned period of time. Among the top apparel supplying countries to EU, countries having positive annual growth are Pakistan 7.98%, Vietnam 5.70%, and Sri Lanka 3.72%, Turkey 0.78%, and Morocco 0.29%. Countries which have shown negative annual growths during the mentioned period are India -2.61% and Indonesia -3.33%.