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The EMPEL® Water-free and PFAS-free Textile Finishing Expands into Korea Through Hwasung International

Published: March 27, 2024

Known for industry-leading textiles and technologies, Hwasung International leverages EMPEL® to increase sustainability and performance

Green Theme Technologies, suppliers of the  EMPEL® water-free and PFAS-free textile finishing platform, continues a trajectory of exponential growth by partnering with Korean-based global textile innovator Hwasung International. Hwasung is the first Korean mill to offer the EMPEL® high performance technology to global footwear brands and regional Korean mill customers.

Known globally for providing high performance textiles that incorporate functional yarns such as Dyneema, Kevlar and Cordura, Hwasung will now broaden their high performance and sustainable offerings by scaling EMPEL into their global supply chain.

“Traditionally, the use of sustainable textile finishes such as water repellency, anti-wick, and stain release meant a loss of performance. Not anymore,” said Martin Flora, President of Global Business Development with GTT. “Forward thinking textile suppliers such as Hwasung have now realized that EMPEL® not only increases sustainability, but also increases performance, creating a win-win for producers, their partner brands, and the environment.”

Green Theme’s EMPEL® platform can be applied successfully to a wide range of synthetic knit, woven, non-woven and novel fabrics that are traditionally hard to treat. The diverse list of EMPEL® markets include: Outdoor, High Fashion, Footwear, Automotive, Furniture, Workwear, Athleisure Wear and Military. Because no water is used during the treatment application, EMPEL® can remove pollution and waste from any textile manufacturing process.

DK LEE, the President of Hwasung International says, “EMPEL® finishes complement their remarkable textiles which combine sustainability and innovation into unique commercial textile solutions.”

With partners like Hwasung helping to scale the EMPEL® platform, Green Theme is well positioned at the forefront of the fight against water pollution from textiles and the elimination of PFAS chemicals from global supply chains.

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