The Strawberry Dress is made of pink tulle, with a deep v-neckline, ruffles along the calf-length hem, a cinched waist and with red sequin strawberry embellishments all over.

A $490 tea dress by Lirika Matoshi that looks equal parts fairytale princess and Southern Belle. Available up to a size 20, which is rare for an expensive dress from an indie brand. Matoshi first designed her dress in July 2019, in the pre-pandemic era. This dress comes with a matching mask to go with the present times. Most of her designs are inspired by her childhood.

With the rise of ‘cottagecore’, an aesthetic defined by rural bliss. It fantasizes a simplistic, somewhat pastoral lifestyle, which includes picnics, gardening and baking, and exudes a calming zen. A world in which you make your own jam and read Jane Austen on repeat, romanticizing about nature and crafting.

Grammy Awards 2020: Tess Holliday is strawberry sweet with as she ...


Images and videos are being posted with #cottagecore. There are memes about the dress and viral tweets. Knockoff versions of the dress have surfaced. Model Tess Holliday wore a custom version of it to the Grammy’s this January.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Cinderella, Disney is collaborating with Matoshi to create her own interpretation of the princess’ style.