BESTAIR is pioneer in the field of humidification, air conditioning and ventilation systems having manufacturing facilities at Chennai and Mumbai has now ventured into a new system of cost effective and economical prefabricated air washer with huge savings in power.

The newly developed, Mini air washer and Compact air washer with advance features like builtin SS water tank and 2 stage cooling arrangements with submersible pumps and energy efficient fan is well accepted in the Textile Industries especially spinning, weaving, knitting,OE projects and also garments industry as a suitable and more viable alternative to civil plant. 

In the present trend as the compact air spinning is increasing day by day, the market is dependent on compact yarn for the high speed weaving machines. Hence to meet the requirements of the compact spinning department approximately 2.5 cfm per spindle air is being exhausted i.e approximately for the ring frame of 1200 spindles, the total air volume discharged is approximately 3000 cfm which is apart from the departmental air exhaust. For a 12000 spindles spinning department 30,000 cfm air will be exhausted.

The discharge air volume from the compact spinning system has to be compensated by the supply air volume, otherwise the outside air will be rushing inside. To compensate this imbalance, most of the customers opt for Mini air washer(MAW) which is an ideal and efficient solution without disturbing the existing civil plant.  
Now new variants with advanced features have been introduced with a chiller where the inside department temperature can be maintained at 28+/-2 deg C. 
The recent trend of increase in OE projects, that too with latest SAURER and TITANmachines, this mini air washer plays a vital role.
In the case of VORTEX SPINNING and other AIRJET spinning projects, where the machinery manufacturer’s recommendation is to maintain an inside temperature of 26 deg C  for this mini air washer with a chiller is more suitable.
In short, most of the mills have decided to stop the civil plants by incorporating these energy efficient, prefabricated mini air washers for enormous power saving and low maintenance cost.