A well known textile brand for men’s fashion, Siyaram’s launched their anti-corona fabric on Thursday. The fabric was tested by the world health organization, claims to fight against the spread of the covid-19. Anti-Corona fabric is developed in collaboration with the Healthguard. They are known to be global leader for 25 years in non-invasive healthcare. As said in a statement, the company is dedicated to research and developement of safe and innovative biotech solutions.

The fabric provides 99.94 percentage of protection against the virus also having non-leaching , anti-viral and and anti-bacterial properties. The range of anti-corona fabrics is developed after collecting proper data and research works. Testing of the fabric is done at a WHO certified and government approved Indian laboratory. It was also tested in a reputed Australian laboratory availing the internationally accepted protocols. Anti-corona fabric is effective against the virus by reducing the infectious load on the treated fabric. ” The anti-corona fabric is made after treatment with technology from Australia’s HealthGuard Corporation Pty Ltd by applying HealthGuard amic which has proven effective against bacteria and viruses including the novel SARS-CoV2. The fabric stops virus transmission through treated fabric to any surface,” Shridhar soni, Vice President- Sales and Marketing , Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd said.