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The all-new VastraJet K2 – A perfect blend of excellence & productivity from ColorJet Group

Published: September 22, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Following the success of VastraJet, ColorJet Group is gearing up to introduce a new model of their premium range – VastraJet K2 with productivity of more than 5000 sq. meters per day.  This model is equipped with 32 latest advanced inkjet print heads from Konica Minolta.  Equipped with the combination of ColorJet’s 3 new technology – Kiloton TM, Purge Plus TM,  and Osci Plus TM, this model is a combination of exceptional speed & excellent print quality. 

The new VastraJet K2 is the ideal choice for the Fabric Processing Mills, Garment export  houses, Leading Textile groups who foresees the future of textile printing & wants to keep up  with the fast fashion trend & the abrupt reduction of supply chain timeline. 

Its improved features and high productivity is surely going to attract the enormous Rotary  printing business owners who wants to print exclusive precise designs without being worried  about MOQ, shift loss or excessive sampling cost. 

The new VastraJet K2 comes with Purge Plus TM technology which ensures continuous ink  circulation that provides constant & uniform temperature across the print head for superior  printing uniformity. It is also worth mentioning that the new print heads is made for printing sharp design outlines including geometric designs, stripes, checks This machine assures  brilliant yarn dyed effect with no worry of excessive dyed yarn stock. 

This machine is equipped with ColorJet New KilotonTM which has increased the print head life  to a considerable extent. 

The machine is also equipped with a system of precise Osci plusTM precise rollers for efficient  tension control and smooth feeding of the fabric irrespective of any fabric parameter – gsm,  weave, crimp, elasticity, and skewness which makes it flexible to be used with any type of  fabric. 

After more than 350 successful installations of VastraJet, the new premium model of  VastraJet with 32 heads – VastraJet K2 with advanced features will provide the customers  with an impetus to opting for a high production of 5000 sqm/day. 

With the changing world, consumer demands have changed and they are looking for  sustainable alternatives. This has pushed manufacturers to focus on sustainability, leading to  increased eco-consciousness. ColorJet takes all the measures to reduce the carbon footprint  for consumers.

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