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Xaar makes an investment in a cutting-edge cleanroom to boost manufacturing and energy efficiency.

Published: April 27, 2023

As part of its ongoing efforts to increase operational and energy efficiency, the inkjet printing technology company Xaar has invested almost £1.2 million in its printhead manufacturing facilities.

At the conclusion of the meticulously planned 10-week project, Xaar will have access to the newest smart factory manufacturing technology for its inkjet printheads as well as considerable sustainability benefits, with a quick return on investment anticipated.

Workflows have been significantly enhanced by creating up a digital twin of its cleanroom, cutting down on waste and inefficiencies. Additionally, by installing smart metres, Xaar can track energy usage every five minutes, allowing the company to analyse this data to find and eradicate any areas of energy waste.

preserving the temperature and handling the airthe space from four cleanroom-controlled areas to three, and dividing off part of its footprint, Xaar plans to minimise energy usage by up to 40% while obtaining 18% more space for future advancements. in cleanroom zones is particularly energy expensive.One of the four major pillars of Xaar’s Sustainability Roadmap, which was launched in 2022, is the environment. As part of the modifications made during the cleanroom shutdown, new production equipment and efficient LED lights were installed.

The business has been eager to raise production yields to meet the increased demand since the November 2017 launch of the Aquinox, Xaar’s water-based printhead, and the improved manufacturing flow now offers this.

The director of engineering, Paul Shepherd”This project has major outcomes from a manufacturing and sustainability perspective, through enabling us to intelligently manage our production,” remarked at Xaar.We will use much less energy at Huntingdon thanks to our adaptable cleanroom and updated tools, services, and products, while still meeting the increased demand for industrial inkjet printheads from a global clientele.


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