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Trützschler sets ambitious targets for climate neutrality

Published: May 18, 2022

Trützschler is taking action! We are now striving to achieve three specific and measurable targets that will support our impact on the biggest challenge our planet has ever faced.

Our commitment
For over 130 years, Trützschler has provided resource-efficient technologies for customers worldwide. As a family-owned company, we’ve always placed a strong focus on ensuring sustainability for future generations. Today, that focus is sharper than ever – because our planet’s precious climate is changing. In response, Trützschler is taking decisive action to further minimize our environmental impact and maximize our contribution to sustainability. Our actions are focused around three specific targets for cutting emissions:
1) Reduction of CO2 emissions by 50 % at our headquarters in Mönchengladbach, Germany, by 2025
2) Climate-neutrality* at all Trützschler locations in Germany by 2030
3) Climate-neutrality* at all Trützschler locations worldwide by 2035

By pursuing these ambitious targets, we are going to transform our business. Trützschler’s global teams are now stepping up efforts to accelerate innovative energy management approaches, our shift to renewable power and more sustainable logistics processes. “The shareholders of the Trützschler Group SE set these goals for climate neutrality as part of our commitment to protecting the planet and secure the long-term success of our company”, says Charlotte Fontaine, Deputy Chief Spokesperson for the Hans Trützschler family. Florian Schürenkrämer, Deputy Chief Spokesperson for the Hermann Trützschler family, adds: “That commitment has been a central part of our identity for more than 130 years – and we, the fifth generation of shareholders, are excited about taking the next steps forward in this long tradition.”

Our contribution
How are we going to achieve our sustainability targets? With our technologies, our processes and our people! Trützschler’s technologies save resources, cut waste and reduce emissions for customers worldwide. Our own production processes are shaped by our passion for energy savings and resource-efficiency. And our people and partners actively promote a safer and more sustainable future. Together, these three factors will contribute to tangible results in our commitment to promoting environmental and social progress.

Our technologies
Innovations from Trützschler support the textile industry in becoming more sustainable. Our WASTECONTROL system, for example, features sensors that help to make sure every fiber is used. Specially designed machines and equipment from Trützschler also support the transition to a circular economy by making it possible to produce yarn by recycling old material, production waste, or even plastic bottles. And our Wet-laid/Spunlace technologies support the production of fully biodegradable wet wipes that are made from pulp and cellulose.

Our processes
Our production facilities are designed to maximize sustainability, and we constantly seek ways to further reduce energy consumption and boost resource efficiency. We go beyond regulatory expectations, and proactively integrate environmental considerations into every aspect of our business. This involves using renewable energy from sources like solar panels, wind turbines and hydropower. We also operate a continuous improvement approach to cut waste in our value chain. We are investing in climate-friendly logistics processes such as our fleet of low-emissions company cars. All Trützschler sites are certified in line with the ISO 50001 standard for energy management, and we are a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative from the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA).

Our employees
As a family-owned company, our business is shaped by a firm belief in the importance of creating a sustainable future for generations to come. Health and safety are our top priority at all times. We provide a working environment with flat hierarchies and fast decision-making – where strong values define our leadership approach. And we empower our people to learn and grow throughout their career via targeted programs for training and development.

Making a measurable impact
Our company has a strong passion for sustainability, and we are relentless in our efforts to turn that passion into progress. Our three new targets provide a clear and measurable indication of our performance.

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