The industry has received GreenCompact (GC), the third generation of compact spinning, favourably since it enables spinning mills to manufacture compact yarn for the same price as a regular ring yarn. Ring spun yarn is regarded as the most versatile all-purpose yarn for the production of fabrics, and for good reasons. The global textile industry, however, experienced a new development as a result of the continued quest to enhance staple fibre yarns.

While maintaining the same production costs, the mechanical compacting solution GreenCompact provides superior quality properties compared to standard yarn. It just makes use of magnetic and mechanical elements; suction is not necessary.

The optimisation of the spinning triangle in the compactor’s fibre guide channel is one of the most recent developments in the ring spinning industry. The Each fibre guiding channel has been tailored to work with coarse to fine yarn counts. An advantage that provides greater strength, elongation, and significantly less hairiness. In comparison to suction machines, GreenCompact delivers greater outcomes for coarser yarn counts up to Ne30 at a higher level of energy economy and significantly less maintenance.Using specialised upgrade kits, the GreenCompact execution can be precisely adjusted for every frame model and make. Your technicians will benefit from upgrade kits as they work to achieve flawless spinning geometry and reliable fibre control in the drafting system. Ultimately, it is possible to control the fine adjustment between the front and middle top rollers. To ensure that the fibres are under equal strain for fewer yarn breaks, the drafting zone and the compacting zone are matched.

If it depends on the drafting methods Solutions like traverse spinning and cross piecing capability are provided by Rotorcraft AG. The GC Traverse solution, in particular, is user-friendly and doesn’t call for additional work personnel because only one additional component is needed. Contrary to competing ideas, there are no quality losses while employing the GC-traverse approach. The GC traversal has the advantage that the rollers’ reversing interval can be increased by at least two times. The grinding interval for the cots can therefore be increased by a factor of 3. All ring frames that already have a traverse motion engine installed can be equipped with GC traverse, and it can also be used independently.The GC SIRO upgrade kit expands the market for producing twist yarns across the board. enjoy the comfort of a strong, secure GreenCompact setting. There are still more improvements being made for 100% synthetic materials (MAA).

Mechanical compacting is without a doubt the most cutting-edge method of ring spinning equipment and technology available today. GreenCompact is the compacting of the future.