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Top 5 Reasons to Choose IKase Phone Cases 

Published: May 30, 2024
Author: Jessica

Your phone is likely one of your most important personal possessions. It likely contains countless photos, videos, music, and more you have accumulated. You may also have documents, assignments for school, contacts, calendars, and other important information stored on your device.  

For many, their phones are an extension of themselves: constantly by their side throughout the day. However, phones are delicate devices that can easily be damaged.  

With phones often costing hundreds of dollars to replace when broken, properly caring for your device is important. One simple but effective way to help protect your valuable phone is to have a protective case.  

This article will explore the top five reasons why using a phone case makes good sense, from preventing cracks and scratches to maintaining a high resale value down the road. 

  1. Ensuring Durability to Stand Up to Daily Use

The moment you take your pricey new phone out of the box, it becomes vulnerable to the dangers of everyday use. It only takes one accidental drop or bump to damage the screen or body. Phone cases are constructed with defense in mind. They feature robust polycarbonate materials that can withstand impacts from falls yet remain lightweight on your device.  

The solid construction stands up to the bumps and scrapes of being tossed in backpacks or bags without showing loose fits or weak spots over time. Whether you are clumsy and prone to drops or just want protection from ordinary wear and tear, ikase cases provide reliable durability to keep up with your active lifestyle. 

  1. Preventing from Scratches

Another risk to phone screens and bodies is developing micro-scratches from everyday use. However, you probably do not give much thought to all the surfaces your phone comes into contact with throughout the day. The inside of your pocket or bag, other objects in your purse or pack, and surfaces you place your phone on pose scratching risks over time, especially for those with abrasive textures.  

To prevent scratches, a phone case creates a protective barrier between your device and surfaces that could cause scratches. Quality case materials like protective films remove scratches to keep your phone’s display and exterior finish scratch-free. This helps maintain the phone’s pristine and like-new appearance longer. A phone case is a simple way to do so for people who want their phones to look nice even after months or years of use. 

  1. Choosing from Various Design Options

Cases come in various unique designs, styles, colors, and materials that you can choose from to match your personality and preferences best. You can pick slim, form-fitted cases that don’t add bulk but provide protection. Some options have beautiful designs like floral, marble, or other integrations like in gaming cases that make your phone stand out.  

Magnetic or wallet cases allow you to store credit cards and IDs securely. Tough, rugged cases with reinforced corners and raised edges provide extra protection for phones used in active lifestyles.  

With so many options available, you are certain to find a case design you think looks great on your phone without covering up its appearance. A phone case allows you to customize and protect your device simultaneously. 

  1. Preventing Fingerprint Buildup 

It is widely known how easily fingerprints, smudges, and greasy hand oils can build up on a phone’s touchscreen over time. You must regularly clean your phone’s display without protection to remove these unsightly fingerprints. However, fingerprints are difficult to avoid since of the constant touch of phone screens throughout the day.  

A phone case helps mitigate fingerprint buildup. Most modern case materials like polycarbonate plastics are fingerprint-resistant, so fewer smudges accumulate outside your phone where your hands make contact. Thus, the case saves you time spent cleaning your screen routinely.  

Also, you avoid the frustrating experience of not being able to see your screen clearly because of built-up fingerprints impairing visibility. An all-around protective phone case keeps your display looking cleaner for longer with reduced fingerprints and smudges. 

  1. Ensuring High Resale Value 

Safeguarding your phone’s condition has an additional long-term benefit: maintaining a high resale or trade-in value. As technology progresses, most people upgrade their phones every couple of years. When the time comes to sell or trade in your used device, its resale price directly depends on its screen and body condition. Even minor scratches or dents may cause places like phone carriers or swap sites to significantly dock the device’s value.  

However, using a case from day one ensures your phone stays in nearly new condition inside and out. This allows you to maximize the dollar amount you can return when selling or trading in your phone later.  

Many buyers look for phones in flawless, like-new condition to fetch high prices. So, a phone case is not just about present protection, as it represents a worthwhile investment in your phone’s future resale or trade-in valuation. 


Phone cases provide comprehensive protection from accidental drops and damage, maintain aesthetic appeal by preventing scratches and fingerprints, offer stylish selections to suit all tastes, and help retain an excellent resale price. Any of these reasons alone make using a phone case beneficial for most users.  

However, choosing a phone case gives you all these advantages at once. The minimal added cost is well worth it for the security and insurance a case provides for your valuable phone investment. Most importantly, using a phone case gives you worry-free confidence that your phone’s condition will remain as close to new as possible through regular daily use and the occasional mishap. 



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