A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited is a multifaceted engineering group offering exceptional products and solutions in different segments. A.T.E.’s businesses encompass manufacturing, industrial sales, distribution, and service and have gained expertise in handling turnkey projects. Mr. Navin Agrawal, Vice President of the A.T.E. Enterprises replied to a questionnaire from the Textile Value Chain. Excerpts:

How was the response to the SITEX Exhibition?

We have participated in the SITEX Exhibition for the very first time in Surat. Before we did not have the appropriate products for participating here, we are very strong at Karl Mayer but that brand doesn’t need any exhibition to sell. This time we are very lucky to have Smit technology that is an Italian Loom and some of these machines have been sold here. A.T.E. had a very great response at this time, even though we did not display the machine, people still came to us and talked to us because they wanted to know more about us and the services we provided. We think that we will get more and more advantages in this Year 2022 because we are already having customers who are running machines and we will also have fast-paced machines and due to this we will have more advantage compared to the people supplying Chinese machines and compared to this 20-25% more of productivity can be done by our machines.

As you know there are a lot of Chinese machines and the market is already set, so how will you enter the market with your European Machine?

Surat is a very large market, & approximately 400 to 450 looms per month are purchased from here. The majority of the machines are from China but the people who have Chinese machines right now want to purchase European machines. The 380 cm jacquard machines from China’s speed of it is around 250-260 m whereas European Machine which is of hook technology has 300 m speed, we have a free flight technology that provides 375-400 m speed so 25-30% of production is hiked and your investment is also justifiable according to that. As far as pricing is concerned, about 30-35% hike in the prices of European Machines compared to Chinese machines, whereas European machines are double the amount from Indian machines.

How were these 2 years of a pandemic?

The year 2019 was a very good year for our business, as this pandemic slow-downed the textile industry in 2020 but we were already ready for the 2nd wave so we didn’t face any issue as such. The investment has increased for the upcoming new machines so I think this is the Golden period of the Textile Industry.

What about the coming years: 2022 & 2023?

I think after 2025 the growth of the Textile Industry is going to be No. 1 in India. We are also growing and our growth is around 8-9 CAGR (compound annual growth rate), and in the coming time, it will cross around 10%. Government has introduces the PLI Scheme – This is where you will employ PLI or a production-linked incentive scheme, the PLI is an old and popular tool with governments to spur the production of goods that the country sees as necessary for social good, taxes, or employment-generation reasons. PLIs are essentially the incentives to companies to boost products.

How your HR did manage the Company during the Pandemic?

We did not remove any employees from our company, we supported, motivated, and gave them online training for soft skills. We got everyone vaccinated from our company and their families too, and in this pandemic which was indeed a very bad situation for many people, we did not leave any of our employees alone, we all worked together in this pandemic.

What are the criteria for selecting a distributorship of any company?

The long-term services, validity, people, and all other aspects are tested to be taken and then we select a company. We prefer more over Europe and India rather than Chinese while selecting a company.

What about the research and development department of the company?

We are focusing on our in-house research and development department as the machines are made by our principals.

What is your advice on the new startups in this industry?

Advice for the new startups is that they have to be dedicated & honest in their work to achieve success in any kind of Industry.