ITMA will be held in Milan from June 8–14. The Erhardt+Leimer Group, a leader in automation technology, will demonstrate its systems and apparatus for web guiding, web spreading, tenter infeed, as well as slitting apparatus for trimming and slitting of tubular textiles.For decades, the textile industry has used several of these products to good effect.

The company will be showcasing a seam sensor for detecting cross seams, a warp thread sensor, and a metal detector that can be used to optimise and make safer production processes because E+L has established itself not only in the field of automation technology but also with inspection technologies.The ELSEAMTEX SI 1001 seam sensor is marketed. identifies any kind of seam on printed or single-color materials optically and without contact. There is no adjusting work required, particularly when there are significant thickness discrepancies, as there are with carpets and towels. Cross-seams can now be identified using artificial intelligence-based software at a level comparable to human vision. The sensor comprises a WLAN card in addition to a light transmitter and a matrix camera with a lens for dependable connection with a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile terminal device. There is also a separate app that can be used, for example, to define or test unique seams offline. A digital output in the sensor is altered whenever a cross-seam is detected so that, for example, depending on the machine The seam can be allowed to pass through the digital printing press without being printed, the calender rollers can be opened, or the shearing blade can be lifted short.

A Due to the several manufacturing procedures involved in the creation of textiles, little metal particles end up in the web. The downstream calender rollers and shearing equipment may sustain extremely expensive damage if all of these particles are not discovered. Wet finishing also carries the possibility of catalytic reactions. As a result, entire online sections are frequently rendered obsolete. Over the entire width of the web, the metal detector ELMETA MDA 1005/1006 reliably and precisely identifies the tiniest metal particles. A signal LED on the sensor displays the position of each segment (300 mm). the web’s metal component. The carpets, non-woven fabrics, and dry and moist web textiles can all be searched with the metal detector. At production rates between 2 and 500 m/min, its functionality is guaranteed.

In production lines with limited space, neELCLEAN is a modular web cleaning device for removing dust and other types of soiling. The system is made up of moving parts like brushes and fabric rollers as well as non-moving parts like strong fans and an extremely effective hoover system. Depending on the application, the system may have all components or simply some of them. Simple, dependable disposal of the soiling is made possible by suitable filtration systems. A cantilever variant of the device is offered for narrow wide webs and with support on both sides. It can be used as a stand-alone machine or incorporated into production processes.