The biofabrication business Modern Meadow is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Navis TubeTex, a supplier of cutting-edge finishing equipment to the international textile industry. Modern Meadow specialises in the production of sustainable materials. Through the integration of cutting-edge Bio-AlloyTM technology from Modern Meadow and cutting-edge Gaston Systems foam technology from Navis TubeTex, this partnership seeks to reinvent the dyeing, finishing, and coating equipment market.

The collaboration between Modern Meadow and Navis TubeTex unites two business titans who share a commitment to ethical and environmental production. The companies are in a unique position to revolutionise the industry and advance sustainable practises by combining the biofabrication expertise of Modern Meadow with the in-depth understanding of textile machines of Navis TubeTex.

We are overjoyed to collaborate with Navis TubeTex in our effort to revolutionise the textile sector. remarked Modern Meadow CEO Catherine Roggero-Lovisi. “By combining Navis TubeTex’s cutting-edge machinery with our ground-breaking Modern Meadow Bio-FREEDTM powered by Bio-AlloyTM, our ground-breaking miscible blend of plant-based protein and bio-polymer, we created a faster, more resource-effective dyeing process. Without sacrificing quality or performance, Bio-FREEDTM will offer, particularly for blended fabrics, a faster and more sustainable production process utilising an estimated 95% less water, 75% less energy, and 80% less dye & chemical use.

Modern Meadow shares the dedication to environmentally friendly practises of Navis TubeTex, a company renowned for its proficiency in textile manufacturing. Navis TubeTex promises to improve the environmental profile of the product by combining Modern Meadow’s Bio-AlloyTM technology with their Gaston Systems, a unique system for applying a low water foamed chemistry onto or into substrates. manufacturing procedure for textiles. By reducing water use, chemical waste, and energy use, manufacturers will be able to lower their overall ecological footprint.

Will Motchar, president and chief executive officer of Navis TubeTex, said, “We think sustainability should be at the forefront of every business, including textile manufacturing. “Our collaboration with Modern Meadow enables us to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that support their sustainability objectives. Together, we can enact significant change and influence the direction of the textile sector.

At ITMA 2023 in Milan, Italy, from June 8–14, 2023, Navis TubeTex will highlight its collaboration with Modern Meadow (Hall H-14, Booth B211). One of the three finalists for the award has been nominated by Navis Tube Tex and Modern Meadow Bio-FREEDTM in collaboration with Limonta. textile manufacturing process. The partnership will enable 2023 ITMA Innovation Award. Through innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to a more sustainable future, we are paving the way for a textile industry that balances economic growth with environmental responsibility.