A wide range of new possibilities, particularly in the sports industry, are made possible by the coupling of electrically conductive material with fabrics. For instance, the study of mobility using sensors enables the prevention of unwarranted bodily overload and raises the enjoyment level of physical activity. In order to show how the potentials can be used through specific, commercially viable products, a consortium of component and sports product manufacturers, service providers, and research institutions—including the University of Salzburg with its sports, movement, and computer scientists as the scientific lead center—has been formed.

The Grabher Group is a participant in the collaboration as a partner from the textile production chain. At the research division of the industry-leading high-tech product manufacturer, V-Trion, a significant accomplishment was celebrated. GmbH, in Lustenau on 3 May 2023: Managing Director Günter Grabher inaugurated the MJ 52/1-S from Karl Mayer, a key machine for project work in the smart textile sector. On the Raschel machine with jacquard and multibar technology, electrically conductive yarns can be worked into warp knitted fabrics directly and placed as required in order to easily implement functional elements such as sensors, conductors and coils. The textile properties remain unchanged. The integrated production method saves additional process steps and reduces environmental pollution compared to other processes, such as conductive printing pastes.