Rajubhai, Director Embrojia, said that Embrojia has been importing computerized embroidery machines from China since 1992.

SITEX Exhibition has always been good for them but the covid pandemic has affected the exhibition. “The exhibition wasn’t that bad, but isn’t stable either and that is why it isn’t growing. But once we achieve stability then the business can come back on track. If everything is stable then it will be good for all the businesses,” said Rajubhai.

“New machine will soon be manufactured once we are stable in our business. Innovation completely depends on the financial level or financial condition of our company. We have a lot of things going on in our mind regarding innovation but we are facing a financial block due to the current situation,” said Rajubhai.

“We don’t make machines, we import computerized embroidery machines from China. There is no comparison between the machines, New Chinese Embroidery machines are comparatively cheaper than the European Embroidery machines but they are good and affordable. The European Embroidery machine’s price is very high and in India, they don’t make heavy Embroidery machines, so we prefer Chinese Embroidery Machines only,” said Rajubhai.

“It is easier to give advice, but you should only invest in the business which you already know or have researched enough to start something new which is efficient for the future,” said Rajubhai.