In 1984, Eliar Elektronik San (Eliar) was established in Istanbul, Turkey. Since its founding, it has significantly contributed to the automation of industrial sectors by developing numerous devices, systems, and software for industries like textile finishing, glass, insulation, ceramics, and chemistry, as well as strengthening the Turkish industry and economy. Eliar began making machine control devices for the textile sector at the end of the 1980s. Since 1989, superior ‘batch’ control devices created and produced by Eliar for automated garment washing machines and fabric and yarn dyeing have been employed in Turkey and internationally. Since 1996, Eliar has increased its attention on the textile business and begun working on mechatronic weighing. and dosage techniques.

Eliar has created systems for weighing and dispensing liquid and powder chemicals. By integrating these systems with the factory’s fabric, yarn, and garment washing machines, control devices, and automation software, Eliar was able to fully automate the control and documentation of the entire dyeing process. In an exclusive interview, Ata Turgutalp, International Sales and Marketing Leader, discussed the company’s participation in ITMA 2023 and provided additional information. She said: “ITMA 2023 will bring industry professionals, manufacturers, researchers, and textile enthusiasts together from all around the world to showcase the latest developments in textile technology and machinery, which is why it is so important for us.”

All Set “Our ITMA Milan 2023 preparations were flagged off multiple  We are looking forward to imparting our knowledge and displaying our innovative automation systems, market-leading technology, and improved end-product quality and repeatability that are created to meet the industry’s sustainable production goals. In fact, visitors will learn a lot about how sustainability is a key component of the textile industry today, he added.

Put an emphasis on research and development

Ata Turgutalp emphasised the whole spectrum of products that the business provides for the international market by saying, “Eliar is a global provider of particularly planned and built automation solutions for the textile industry. We are famous for our broad product offering, powerful software, electronics, and mechatronics integration capabilities, as well as our emphasis on Industry 4.0. Since it was founded weeks ago. We have been working hard and putting up a lot of effort to make sure that the event is handled flawlessly in all respects. Additionally, the organisers have been working on designing a precise layout for the exhibition area and liaising with exhibitors to make sure that all the required tools, machinery, and supplies are delivered to the show site well in advance. Our goal is to showcase our expertise to the utmost extent feasible and arrange everything so that tourists will have the best possible experience, according to Ata Turgutalp.Visitors to our booth at ITMA 2023 can anticipate seeing our dedication to provide the newest, most cutting-edge solutions that will help them beat the competition in the quickly developing world of Industry 4.0. By utilising years of experience in research and development to build and manufacture machine controllers, sensors, automatic dispensing systems, and software for many industries, including textiles, Eliar has been at the forefront of the entire automation of the textile industry in Istanbul.

Turgutalp identified India, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam as the company’s top international markets, saying: “In reality, Eliar has more than 1,500 automation systems operating in more than 45 nations, and while we think verticalization is the secret to global success, these are the primary international markets that we are solely concentrating on. By forming strategic alliances with regional distributors and providing top-notch automation solutions that are catered to the requirements of each market, we have built a strong presence in these markets. We are focusing on developing markets with enormous potential as the textile industry develops and grows.”In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in demand for our products and services in Africa and South America, where the textile manufacturing sector is rapidly growing and developing,” he continued. At ITMA 2023, sustainability will be a key area of attention. Turgutalp added, “As a company, we have long identified the importance of sustainability in the textile sector, and we have been committed to it since our foundation. This is how the company’s products and solutions support its clients’ sustainability goals. Due to an increasing trend among clients, sustainability has been a significant component of our product development and manufacturing operations. minimise their impact on the environment. Turgutlp remarked

“As a result, we have been working relentlessly to offer our customers environmentally friendly goods and services that not only satisfy their needs but also help them achieve their sustainability objectives. As a consequence of all these research, we will introduce our new Eliar “Digital Factory” idea at ITMA 2023. This concept will revolutionise the industry with its product tracking, process digitalization, and Internet of Things (IoT) concepts. Automation and digitalization have emerged as the fundamental elements for improving industrial processes, cutting costs, and improving global competitiveness. And because we have extensive experience in these fields, we can meet these new demands,” he continued.Providing information about the main benefits availableby the business and what distinguishes it from the opposition, According to Ata Turgutalp, “At Eliar we approach all our customers in a new way: instead of’selling’ a machine to them, we have the slogan of serving them as their ‘process partner’. Actually, you must integrate into your clients’ processes when you offer process automation to them. You also need to establish new production techniques and technology-aligned pathways because the industry is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. This is why we provide thorough after-sales services, such as technical support, upkeep, and the provision of spare parts in all the major markets.For standard after-sales support, our team of knowledgeable experts is available to give on-site assistance whenever necessary, ensuring that our customers’ systems are functioning properly. are always performing at their highest level. In order to make sure that our clients and their personnel are completely capable of using and maintaining our machines, we also provide training courses at the Eliar Academy in Istanbul. The source codes of Eliar are based on its research and development studies in addition to the standard maintenance and after-sales procedures that we are providing to the industry with our nearly 40 years of experience, which we believe reinforces our base, Turgutalp said.We provide 24/7 online support for our customers, complete with AI technologies and preventative maintenance modules. Additionally, with over 40 years of experience in the textile business and a global brand that employs local market verticalization techniques, we are able to offer tailored solutions to fit the specific demands of each customer. of our clients. Our systems are made with the greatest quality, dependability, and sustainability standards in mind. Customers that choose Eliar can be sure that they are making an investment in cutting-edge technology and a long-term engagement with a business that is dedicated to their success, he continued.

collaboration with Batliboi

Ata Turgutalp remarked, “The company is quite pleased with its successful cooperation with Batliboi, which represents it in the Indian market. “Since our partnership with Batiliboi began, it has been an excellent experience for us. Their responsiveness and support for our new ideas, including our brand verticalization, have been securely established and are still going strong in perfect harmony thanks to their assistance. Their commitment to providing exceptional service andSupport for our clients is very excellent. Ata Turgutalp concluded by saying, “Their broad network, deep industry knowledge, and customer-centric approach have been crucial in helping us increase our strength and reach in the India market.