Ashoka Enterprises has its own brand called “Signature House” of Embroidery which provides Rapier Looms, Dobby Looms, Jacquard Looms, Airjet Looms imported from China. Mr. Sunil is the owner of this Company & based in Surat.

According to Mr. Sunil, the response was very good in the SITEX Exhibition. Said Mr. Sunil, “Weaving is a hub for Surat, the entrepreneurship which is in Surat is amazing because people actually want to establish their own factory and get in this growing textile business.”

Apart from this, we are selling these Looms for the last 10 years and other than this we have a New Innovation, ie, a Double Beam in Rapier Loom and Jacquard Loom, this we be out in the market in the next 2 to 3 months and this will definitely take the market a level up.  We are importing Looms from China but we will be trying to make machines here within 3-4 years. We have a Team of 48 Technicians here to repair our Chinese Machines. Quality of the Product is same whether it is European, Japanese or Chinese Machines, but the cost is almost 50% cheaper,” said Mr. Sunil.

“Our HR Team has managed everything effectively; we did not remove any employee and gave them full salaries. Apart from this, our company was affected only in March & April 2020 when the Covid pandemic just started, after that our Sales haven’t stopped and it is Continuous. Everyone has to accept the new technologies and get upgraded with time as we are living in a digital world. All the upcoming and current Machines are Computerized so that is not new for the upcoming entrepreneurs or Startups. Our Market covers 4 places that are Surat, Kolkata, Banaras & Ichalkaranji,” said Mr. Sunil.