CIL Noida, India– Following the success of SubliXpress, ColorJet Group is all set to take transfer paper printing to the next level. 

Dye sublimation printing is dominant in the digital textile printing sector accounting for almost 50% of  all digital textile prints across the polyester & apparel domain. The dye sublimation textile printing  market which was valued at USD 8.1 billion in 2019 is facing a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecast period of 2020-2025 and is expected to reach a value of USD 14.2 billion by 2025. Considering the need for a high production sublimation printer to mitigate this high demand, ColorJet has launched  SubliXpress Plus.

The SubliXpress Plus comes with 8 staggered Kyocera heads that can print variable drop sizes of 5,7,  and12 pL as demanded to produce exceptionally sharp lines and create smooth gradients in color tones. The high-speed, high-quality printing with minimal ink consumption is a result of decades of experience in manufacturing digital inkjet printers. ColorJet’s proprietary AST™ and HSTR™ technology are inherent features of the machine. 

The ColorJet SubliXpress Plus is ideally positioned for existing high-volume dye sublimation printers &  first-time investors looking to upgrade their business with high production machine. The company also foresees a good potential for this zero water-consuming printing technology that would add a fillip to sustainable garment manufacturing as it would work very well on fabrics made with recycled polyester  – knit and woven. 

Despite the adverse impact of the pandemic, ColorJet has continued to work and develop the next  ground-breaking technology for the sublimation printing market. 

Trailblazing technology to suit all kinds of paper 

On its 1.8 m printing width, the machine can handle a wide range of paper starting from 18 gsm and  above. 

The Leaf clamp is yet another ingenious improvisation to prevent the paper from curving up at the  edges when printing. Being able to use low gsm paper and the ability to print on a less than ideal paper  roll with ease, it addresses some major practical shop floor concerns. The vacuum bed which holds  the paper in place is wider and the suction pressure can be varied. 

The two-stage drying system provided immediately after the printing zone stops the paper from  puckering even when printing large patches of solid color. 

HSTR™ or High Sense Paper Tension Regulator detects fluctuation in paper tension and corrects it  almost instantly to ensure error-free printing. 

Increased machine up-time, uninterrupted production 

The printer includes features for enhanced productivity including a 900 mm diameter feed roll, high  precision servo motor, and large rubber roller with pneumatic shafts for a firm grip of the paper roll core. The machine is also equipped with multiple brush rollers to continuously smoothen out the paper as it moves from feed roll to re-winding of printed paper. 

Superior print quality 

The new SubliXpress Plus is equipped with gold plated metal encoder to give more precise ink jetting  at high speeds, effectively leading to longer service life. In addition to this, the AST™ or Active  Seaming Technology is used for producing superior quality at high speed. 

In short, the SubliXpress Plus is a high production, high-quality printing solution for sublimation inks  on paper that are low on printing costs.