Textile Technology


Published: October 6, 2022

Swiss innovator HeiQ has launched a new 100 percent bio-based textile treatment which it says combats common household allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. HeiQ Allergen Tech is the firm’s latest solution that is based on its proprietary Synbio ingredient. The treatment can be applied to textiles in the finishing stages of product manufacture and is said to perform for more than 20 wash cycles.

Home textiles such as bedding are deemed the ideal use case for HeiQ’s solution, but the firm has insisted it could be used as a spray on various furnishings to reduce the presence of common allergens.

It’s typically in bed that those who suffer with allergens – up to 40 percent of people globally, according to the International Archives of Allergy and Immunology – have the most difficulties.

There, common allergens lying dormant on bed sheets and pillow cases are thrown into the air as the user moves, which they’re then likely to inhale during their sleep cycle.

The inhalation, or even dermal contact, of allergens can cause skin conditions and respiratory issues.

As such, HeiQ is keen to offer a solution that can be used throughout the household to combat allergens. According to internal tests, the treatment can reduce levels of dust mites in the home by as much as 96 percent, dog hair by 76.5 percent and cat hair by 83.6 percent.

Allergy UK, an authority on these issues, has also assessed and certified HeiQ’s technology as effective.

“Our proprietary HeiQ Allergen Tech achieves an impressive reduction of allergens that can become airborne in our living and sleep environments, in nature’s way. It has a full biologic origin and utilizes the natural process of probiotic colonization on the textile surface to effectively reduce inanimate allergens,” said HeiQ’s Dr Robin Temmerman.

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