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At ITMA, TRUECYCLED and Trützschler will introduce a new brand for recycling textiles.

Published: April 29, 2023

Trützschler Spinning will highlight developments for carding, draw frame, and combing that satisfy the most crucial customer demands in fibre processing: higher efficiency, more sustainably utilising raw materials, and intelligent automation – while also showcasing the potential of digital technologies for spinning mills. Additionally, visitors can anticipate the launch of our new textile recycling brand, TRUECYCLED. Our customers can produce silver with the greatest degree of quality because to our machinery experience and technological know-how, which enables them to turn waste into value.The clothing portfolio of Trützschler Card Clothing (TCC), which spans the whole range of potential uses in the spinning and nonwoven markets, will be showcased. This comprises all of the equipment and service features that are as part of a “Action Point” presentation, which will be live-demonstrated at the booth. In addition to emphasising recycling applications, TCC will highlight how it supports sustainability in the textile sector. The “My Wires” digital wire performance solution, which is a part of the Trützschler digital platform, adds to all of these features and capabilities.Trützschler Nonwovens will concentrate on products that advance nonwoven manufacturing techniques. Two booths will tell the tale of needle-punching innovations: Trützschler will focus on the comprehensive T-SUPREMA package of top-notch equipment, custom production lines, integrated digital support, and international service. At booth A101, our collaboration partner in needle-punching, the Italian business Texnology S.r.l., will provide information on equipment and applications. Moreover, visitors will be able to observe a functioning needle-punching line that uses some of the T-SUPREMA equipment in Hall 10.Along with an inventive drying idea, Trützschler Nonwovens will also present options for brand-new, environmentally friendly wipe materials. At our T-ONE corner, the main focus is on realising the potential of digitization. Our experts will present every facet of our digital environment, from quality assurance and recipe management to real-time process monitoring and AI-based line optimisation.

The power of OPTIMA, Trützschler Man-Made Fibres’ versatile platform for all varieties of bulk continuous filament (BCF) carpet and industrial yarn (IDY), will also be demonstrated.

The ITMA provides excellent opportunities for individuals from the global textiles business. the world to consult with our professionals from each business division. We are eager to finally connect with our clients in Milan, both new and old.

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