V-Zug Group, a Swiss manufacturer of high-end large home appliances, has announced that it would utilise Ascend Performance Materials’ Starflam® RX06082 polymer for the moulding of a huge oven part. Ascend Performance Materials is a fully integrated producer of durable high-performance materials. Flame retardant PA66/PA6 Starflam RX06082 has 20% glass fibre reinforcement and is halogen-free. It is provided to V-Zug in a pre-colored black grade by Ascend’s European distributor Lenorplastics AG.

According to Dr. Christelle Staller, EMEAI engineering plastics sales director at Ascend, “We are thrilled to win this prominent application, which is a significant ‘first’ for Starflam in the category of large kitchen and laundry machines. This relationship with V-Zug and Lenorplastics will serve as a model for the types of value chain as we continue to grow in Europe, collaborations that benefit everyone, including the end user, significantly.

Lenorplastics and Ornaplast had suggested Starflam RX06082 to V-Zug due to the demanding specifications for the oven section and because the customer had used Starflam resins successfully in previous applications.

The non-halogenated material combines strong flowability for lengthy and complex injection moulded components, good mechanical qualities, high heat resistance, and a clean black finish, and has a UL94 yellow card flammability rating of V0 at 1.6 mm wall thickness.

According to Peter Jan Vokurka, global product manager at V-Zug, “After successful trials, we selected the Ascend polymer for its ability to produce high-quality parts with excellent repeatability in a cost-effective moulding process.” “The Starflam grade fulfils all of our requirements, and we are already looking into its potential for further components with similarly demanding requirements.”