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Advanced Machine Technology meets Performance Viscose Fibres at Kelheim Fibres and Santoni

Published: May 11, 2023

Based on cutting-edge machine technology and superior performance viscose fibres, Kelheim Fibres GmbH and Santoni Spa have created an innovative and environmentally friendly menstrual knickers garment. The item is made out of a soft exterior layer and an inlay produced from unique Kelheim wood-based fibres. The end result is a high-performance, environmentally friendly device that blends comfort and usefulness.

The Santoni SM8-TOP2V circular knitting machine or the SM4-TL2 machine is used to create the soft outer layer. These circular knitting machines’ considerable reduction in cutting waste or even ability to produce with no waste is one of its main benefits.

The functional inlay of the historical panty is created using the Santoni XT-Machine, which was initially created for the footwear sector. The innovative XT-Machine enables manylayers to be created using various knitting patterns and yarns. This makes it possible to knit the absorbent core, back layer, and absorption and distribution layer (ADL) of the inlay together into a single tube. Because of this, production may be done with no waste and at a lower cost.

Synthetic materials are replaced in the inlay with wood-based Kelheim specialty fibres as the trilobal Galaxy® or the hollow Bramante fibre.Traditional values, as well as sustainability and creativity, are shared by Santoni and Kelheim Fibres. The cooperation, according to Santoni’s marketing manager Patrick Silva Szatkowski, has transformed the way that clothing is made by virtually eliminating seams and providing 3D knitting options. Our objective is to supply effective equipment for the production of breathable, environmentally friendly clothing. less operations are performed. The partnership with Kelheim Fibres GmbH was motivated by the same ideals, and we are pleased with the superb outcome.

The emphasis is on this combined development and the blending of our various areas of competence, according to Natalie Wunder, Project Manager New Business Development at Kelheim Fibres: “With this joint development, we have increased the number of femcare products we provide. We demonstrate once more how our unique viscose fibres are crucial to the performance and sustainability of hygiene products. I’m hoping the project will soon be commercialised; partners are always welcome.

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