ITM 2022, the first major international textile machinery exhibition held in the world after a 3-year hiatus due to the measures taken against the pandemic outbreak, opens its doors. ITM 2022 Exhibition, which will bring together the leading brands of textile technologies and host world launches, will set new records with both the number of visitors and participants.

ITM 2022- International Textile Machinery Exhibition, organized in partnership with Teknik Fairs Inc. and TüyapTümFuarcılıkYapımInc, will open its doors at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center between 14-18 June. ITM 2022, which will be held in 12 halls on an area of 120 thousand square meters, will host the latest innovations developed by textile technology leaders. ITM 2022, where all halls have reached 100% occupancy rate and 1280 exhibitor companies are located, will also attract attention with the stand areas and machine parks that the manufacturers have enlarged compared to the previous exhibitions.

The Heart of the Textile Industry Will Beat at ITM 2022

The ITM 2022 Exhibition, which will be held in Istanbul, acting as a bridge between the East and the West, will host exhibitors and visitors from all over the world for 5 days. ITM 2022, which will continue to keep the pulse of the sector this year, as it successfully did in previous years, will turn into a textile feast with the participation of hundreds of manufacturers who develop technologies in their respective fields, and the visits of global investors and commercial delegations.

Significant Contribution to Exports Aimed with Machine Sales and New Investment Decisions

The textile industry, which is among the locomotive sectors in Turkey’s exports, has made a significant contribution to the Turkish economy, especially with the performance increase it has achieved during the pandemic period. Having achieved an increase of up to 40 percent in its exports of textiles and raw materials, Turkey also managed to increase its exports of medical textiles, technical textiles and home textiles. The industry will further increase this success with the collaborations to be realized at ITM 2022. The textile machinery industry will gain great momentum with the machinery sales and new investment decisions to be made at the exhibition.

ITM 2022, which will be attended by many domestic and foreign companies and visited by thousands of people, will be an organization where both domestic and foreign companies will make sales amounting to millions of Euros and many business connections will be realized.

Company owners, company representatives and visitors left the 2018 edition of the ITM Exhibition very satisfied. ITM 2018 Exhibition, attended by 1150 companies and company representatives from 64 countries and visited by approximately 60 thousand people from 94 countries made a significant contribution to the export records of the textile industry that year.

Companies will showcase their state-of-the-art technologies for the first time at ITM 2022

Many companies that focus on product development and new productions under pandemic conditions will have the opportunity to introduce their products to their customers for the first time in 3 years at the ITM 2022 Exhibition. Company owners, managers, employees and sector representatives visiting the exhibition will have the opportunity to see the latest technological innovations for the first time and witness their world launches.

Sector representatives, who will open up new horizons in their minds about textile technologies, will sign new products by transforming the extraordinary and original ideas that they have obtained at the ITM 2022 Exhibition into design. Participating companies will also update their machines in line with the demands and needs from the sector representatives and lead the development of new technologies.

Istanbul’s Location Makes ITM 2022 a Center of Attraction

All of the participating companies and international visitors, which you will not have the chance to encounter in other exhibitions, will meet at the ITM 2022 Exhibition, as Istanbul is located in a very convenient location in terms of ease of transportation, lack of visa problems and hosting international events.

Due to the geographical location of Istanbul, companies in both European countries and the Middle East, North Africa, Turkic Republics, Balkans and Asian countries will come together at ITM 2022.

Located at the crossroads of civilizations, Istanbul will offer great convenience to the exhibitors and visitors coming for the exhibition, with its accommodation facilities as well as being at the center of world trade, its historical and cultural attraction. Thanks to the proximity of the hotels to the fairgrounds, participants and visitors coming to the ITM 2022 Exhibition from Turkey and abroad will not have any difficulties in terms of accommodation.

Technical Textiles and Nonwovens Industry Will Meet at HIGHTEX 2022 Exhibition

On the other hand, HIGHTEX 2022 Exhibition, which will be held simultaneously with the ITM 2022 Exhibition, will be an exhibition where Nonwoven products, raw materials used in their production and the state-of-the-art technologies will be exhibited.

HIGHTEX 2022 Exhibition, which is the first and only in its field in Turkey, will host a record number of participants and visitors in parallel with the increase in demand for technical textiles.

At the HIGHTEX 2022 Exhibition, which will host the world’s leading technical textile and nonwoven manufacturers in Istanbul for 5 days, companies operating in many sectors, from medical textiles to hygienic textiles, from agricultural textiles to geotextiles, will exhibit their latest products and production technologies. Nonwoven manufacturers will come together with the global players of the sector and have the opportunity to both invest in technology and introduce their newest products.

 NecipGüney, Chairman of the Board of Teknik Fairs:

 ‘‘We Will Provide Participating Companies and Visitors with an Unforgettable Exhibition Experience’’

‘‘We are experiencing the excitement and happiness of organizing ITM 2022, which we are holding jointly with Tüyap Fair Organizations and Productions Inc., and which we have nurtured as the second largest exhibition in its field in the world today, after a 4-year obligatory break. As the ITM Organization team, we will provide the participating companies and visitors from all over the world with an unforgettable exhibition experience with the same dedication, meticulousness and discipline this year, as we have done for years.

Our ITM 2022 Exhibition, where textile technology leader companies will make their world launches, will host procurement delegations from dozens of countries such as Bangladesh, India, Iran, Serbia, Russia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, Cameroon, Tanzania, Croatia and Sudan. By the way, we were delighted with the interest shown by the participants in our ITM 2022 Exhibition, where all halls reached 100% occupancy rate. We will be happy to host our companies, which we could not include due to the intense application requests for the last 4 months, at ITM 2024. We welcome everyone who wants to witness this great show to our exhibition.’’

ZeynepÜnalÖztop, Chairman of the Executive Board of Tüyap:

 ‘‘We will continue to support national economy by bringing thousands of participants together with tens of thousands of business people’’

“The ITM International Textile Machinery Exhibition continues to be the second largest exhibition in the world and the largest in Eurasia. Our participants, who will exhibit new ideas and innovative products in the textile industry with the slogan of “Big Idea” this year, will open the door to a completely different world for industry professionals. All products and services that add value to production and international trends will be presented to our visitors for 5 days by our exhibitors. In 2018, we carried out our exhibition, which we held in 12 halls, with successful results, with 1150 participants from 64 countries. With the strength we get from here, we will continue to support our export connections and national economy by bringing together thousands of participants with tens of thousands of business people this year, together with Teknik Fair Organization.”