Suvin to devise a Textile Strategy for Afghanistan


With Suvin signing an international project with Afghanistan for development of Cotton Value Chain in Afghanistan, there is one more feather in the Suvin’s Cap in terms of international projects.


Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development – Facility (CARD-F) is an agriculture & rural development programme of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.  CARD-F aims to increase rural employment, income and business opportunities through the design, facilitation and implementation of commercially viable agricultural value chain. These are further supplemented with infrastructure projects in the target provinces of Afghanistan. CARD-F seeks to empower rural communities and strengthen their economic standing through design and implementation of comprehensive and inclusive sets of development interventions.  As a model of cross-ministry collaboration, CARD-F works under the patronage of an Inter- Ministerial Committee (IMC) which consist of various ministries.


Textile industry in Afghanistan is yet to pick off. Apart from few ginning mills, there is no much presence of any other textile value chain. Most of textile & apparel requirement is taken care by imports from other countries mainly Pakistan. Though the cotton production in Afghanistan is adequate, most of cotton is exported to Pakistan due to lack of Textile Industry presence in Afghanistan. In order to establish commercially viable cotton value chain & create more sources of employment in Afghanistan, it is needed to map right strategy. Mr. Avinash Mayekar, MD & CEO of Suvin Advisors says, “We are extremely proud to bag such a prestigious international project which will create Suvin’s strong mark in international Textile Industry.


With past experience in devising strategy for various countries, Suvin is sure to adopt right strategy which will help Afghanistan to identify underlying opportunities with higher success rate. To start with, team of experts from Suvin has assisted Afghanistan delegates to understand Textile Value Chain starting from Ginning to Garmenting as well as backward integration of extraction of cotton seeds to oil refinery. Then they have been exposed to Indian Textile Industry to understand the sector in brief where they got the opportunity to meet industry leaders, plant heads, various authorities & research bodies.


The next step would be visit of team of experts from Suvin to Afghanistan to carry out 360 degree market research to assess existing situation in Afghanistan in terms of raw material availability, infrastructure and government policies to frame right strategy.


With 13 international assignments & 215 assignments in PAN India, Suvin would like to assist the industry in meeting the dynamic demands of the rapidly expanding global and domestic industry at competitive levels. With its profound knowledge base & strong support of internationally trained consultants, Suvin will work towards sustainable growth of Textile Industry.  Their key strengths will be always the priority to customer needs, ground-breaking ideas, market oriented approach, scientific project planning & execution and result oriented practical solutions which give them upper hand over their competitors.


Suvin is confident to handhold Afghanistan Textile Industry for successful implementation of the project.


Let us carve out…

                       better tomorrow!!!