With ever-increasing environmental problems, the microplastic problem in the Marine environment becoming a devastating issue. Some scientific reports even state that microplastics are present in our human body and hence reduction of plastic usage and biodegradable plastic development have become key challenges.

Dr. Ryohei Mori Green Science Alliance Co. Ltd. has evolved biodegradable Textile, Fibres, Yarn, Film with cellulose-based resin. The company had formerly confirmed that mixed nano cellulose in the biodegradable resin can increase the biodegradability. They have also applied their nano cellulose composite technology into this cellulose-based material and made so to speak “cellulose + nano cellulose” material and products. This “cellulose + nano cellulose” resin is a very interesting new type of biodegradable resin material.

Also, cellulose can be said to be a very environmentally friendly biodegradable resin since most of the biodegradable resins are composed of either petroleum or edible biomass. Using edible biomass such as corn, sugarcane, potato, etc. as a raw material can be risky since they compete with human nutritious food.

They will keep making an effort to improve resin properties such as mechanical properties, molding properties, etc., to create good biodegradable resin fiber, yarn, film, as well as non-woven.