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Published: January 11, 2023

Dhaka, Bangladesh – RUDOLF GmbH is strengthening its commitment to the textile market in Bangladesh through important investments in production and storage capacity

Since 1922, RUDOLF has driven the textile industry – and more recently construction and other industries – with the same innovative energy that is so necessary today to ensure continued progress and solve some of the current and future problems facing our civilization. 

A true agent of positive change. 

In 2023, at the turn of its first century of successful global operations, RUDOLF, the undisputed specialist in textile chemicals, will start construction of a new production facility in Bangladesh.

The new plant is a logical and necessary step to strengthen the company’s competitive position on both local and global level.

The goal is to build an advanced factory with lean management concepts, technologies and supporting laboratories, with a focus on customer service and workplace quality,” says Soumitra Ganguly, Managing Director of RUDOLF Bangladesh Ltd. He continues: “The new factory will be part of RUDOLF’s global services as a secure and transparent fulfillment partner for brands/retailers and their supply chain partners.

With unique innovations in textiles, RUDOLF has always been considered a forerunner in the industry. Pioneering spirit and tradition combined with forward-looking technologies and highly specialized employees continue to define the company’s actions today,” says Dr. Oliver Kusterle, Managing Director of RUDOLF and Chairman of RUDOLF Bangladesh Ltd. He adds: “The substantial investment made by RUDOLF is a strong sign of industrial commitment to Bangladesh, which is one of the largest contributors to the global textile market.

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