This time of pandemic have lead to many unexpected challenges for the world. Due to the lockdown of shopping centres Bangladesh is badly affected due to the fallen industry since RMG contributes to about 80 percent of their total export and this has incurred a loss of $7 billion to their exchequer. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Covid-19 will add more than 13 million people to the existing 34 million people below the poverty line. During these tough times Huntsman Textile Effects have committed to support the Bangladeshi textile industry.

Economic turmoil triggered by the long coronavirus lockdown, battered small and medium-sized businesses are attemptingto pick up the pieces. The post-confinement world remains a deeply uncertain one, with many business owners battling for survival and hoping they can hang on long enough to benefit from an economic upturn when it comes. The picture emerging from a swathe of AFP interviews with professionals in a range of industries across the world was initially very bleak — but some now see tentative reasons for optimism.

Now, Bangladeshi industries have to focus on safety issues largely.  The time has come to think about health and safety issues. We have to do our business with more strategic planning, Utilization of skilled manpower, adopting the latest technological process. Innovation value addition can lead to the industry. Our 2nd generation industry ready to adopt &  support any orders or innovation. What we need now is a proper strategy with proper skill adoption.

Hunstman is fully prepared and ready to mobilize teams to help rapidly develop products & optimize processes as production priorities change. During the lockdown, We support remotely as required. Huntsman making every effort to quickly adjust it’s manufacturing and supply chain operations, leveraging regional & global footprint to meet immediate requirements. With the grace of the almighty, we continued our support uninterruptedly to our valued customers. Huntsman newly introduces a few more innovative cost-effective products To support industries in this critical situation to meet the financial challenges.

The Leading dyes, chemical and auxiliary suppliers are ready to face these difficult times and support the industry in respect of service, innovative products and price benefits.