Between February and June 2020, the textile industry around the world did not start as fast as it should have due to the Covid-19 disease. In some countries, the industry was completely shut down.
But now scarcity is slowly emerging.
The textile industry, which provides employment, may face cotton shortages, shortages, price hikes, cuts, etc. in the near future due to declining cotton productivity. This problem is becoming more and more serious year by year due to natural problems and lack of quality varieties, especially in India, which is the largest cotton grower in the world.
In many parts of the world, cotton is grown in a range of crores.
Cotton is grown on 38 to 40 lakh hectares in USA, 34 to 36 lakh hectares in China, 23 to 25 lakh hectares in Pakistan and 15 to 16 lakh hectares in Brazil. It is one of the world’s leading cotton growers, and the cotton production of all these countries has been hit hardest by natural calamities in the last three years.
Cotton productivity of different countries (kg cotton per hectare)
Country: Productivity
United States: 989
Brazil: 1717
Sudan: 578
Egypt: 782
Kazakhstan: 665
Kyrgyzstan: 851
Tajikistan: 535
Turkey: 561
Uzbekistan: 712
Turkey: 1885
Kenya: 149
Ghana: 373
Zambia: 190
Uganda: 430
China: 1794
Afghanistan: 387
Bangladesh: 765
India: 425
Pakistan: 718
Cotton growers and experts have said that this year will be a blow to the cotton growers.
The Indian textile industry needs 320 to 316 lakh bales. The Federation of Textile Industries said that this need is not being met. He also demanded that the government should reserve stocks of cotton bales for spinning mills. The country has recently announced an export promotion scheme to boost cotton and textile exports. Cotton exports stood at 64 lakh bales last season. The situation will remain the same this year. Efforts are underway in the country to get more foreign exchange from this. But the government has not expressed concern about productivity or any effort to increase productivity, say textile companies.
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