Singapore-based ethical label MATTER, makes clothing blending traditional textiles and adding creative flair. Distinctive prints and patterns, traditional woven fabrics made by generational artisans and a wrap pant style that seems part sarong and part origami.

MATTER Prints: When Heritage Textiles Meets the Modern, Ethically-Minded Woman

The collections feature natural fibres such as cotton and silk and the intricate prints are dyed by hand with azo-free eco-friendly dyes. The threads are then hand loomed using traditional techniques and looms. Since fabric preparation is all painstakingly done by hand, colour and weaving variations are likely to occur which only adds to the charm of each garment.

Their signature pants are inspired by the multifold drapes of the Indian dhoti and the Indonesian sarong wrap style waist.

The brand had the foresight to publish several simple-to-follow YouTube videos along with detailed instructions for the wrap style dressing on their website. Although one can’t really go wrong; the beauty of these wrap layered pants is that one can wear it however they want and it will look like a new trend.

It is highly unlikely to come across another person wearing these garments, or unique print. A massive ‘pro’ for fashion-lovers who dislike being style lemmings and use clothing to artistically express individuality.