10.09.2020 The Bi-ome fabric coating technology from the supplier of specialty chemicals Devan Chemicals NV, Ronse/Belgium, show high-performance virus-reducing capabilities both on unwashed and intensely washed fabrics.

According to independent testing, Bi-ome is proven to achieve 99% and higher virus reduction, including that of SARS-CoV-2, on samples before washing and retains 98.5% even after 25 wash cycles. During recent months, Devan has worked closely with a series of international 3rd party laboratories to test different fabric substrates against a wide range of enveloped viruses. Before washing, samples treated with Devan Bi-ome score very good to excellent (99% and higher according to ISO 18184) results on virus reduction. Different substrates, like polyester (PET), cotton and their blends, were exposed to enveloped viruses like SARS-CoV-2, feline corona, vaccinia (the EU standard for enveloped viruses) and porcine respiratory viruses (swine flu). Devan is further improving its formulas to improve wash resistance even more and at the same time keep the economical add-on cost as low as possible. Devan’s Bi-ome is already endorsed by a wide range of companies. Their collections span diverse applications including bedding, apparel, travel accessories, and transport. Bi-ome is a non-metal non-leaching quat silane-based chemistry. The product is BPR (EU, TR) and EPA registered and Oeko-Tex class 1 registered. Through its nature it is inherently biodegradable