Zhejiang Province, home to approximately 50% of China’s textile dyeing sector,-shut down for a few days during the G20 summit in Hangzhou later this year, Chinese media reports claim. Zhejiang falls located within Hangzhou ‘s 300 kilometer radius, where the G20 Summit is scheduled to take place from 4-5 September 2016. The G20 countries constitute 90 % of global GDP and 80% of world trade.

While it is too early to say that there will be a government order for the dyeing units to be shut down during the case, there are some indications. In a media interview in July 2015, Li Qiangyu of Hangzhou Municipal Government said that during the AEPC meeting, the Hangzhou government would take a leaf out of the experience of air pollution control and shut down certain companies for a short period of time.He suggested, however, that such a shutdown of contaminating units may not last 3 months, but just a week.