Inspired by surreal and kinetic artists, Day created bright yellow, flaming orange, brown and black fabrics for home use with a pattern of floating cups connected by stalks. Her acclaimed designs signaled the colorful onset of a new period of possibilities and change for many Britons. Seventy years later, young Israeli designer Naama Ben Moshe’s illustrated textiles, produced under her NAMA label, could also offer some solace during a time of worry and enforced seclusion. 

“The more serious the corona virus pandemic becomes, the more colorful my work becomes,” she said, taking a break at a Tel Aviv pop-up store where she sells her work together with other young designers. “I don’t define myself as the world’s most optimistic person, so I do things that make me and others happy.”

“I could easily have said that I am not essential. That is my greatest anxiety, especially when people are reduced to bread and toilet paper, while I manufacture luxuries,” she says. “But I believe I have a role: to make people happy. In however small and minor a way.”

Author: prasad_16481