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6 Different Ways To Work With Art Galleries

Published: January 5, 2022

Every artist dreams of displaying their artwork in an art gallery. It takes creativity, patience, and hard work to create every piece of art. The art galleries provide an opportunity for the artists to display their work. In addition, the galleries provide a platform to the artists, opening the world’s doors for them. However, it is essential to understand the art galleries’ processes before submitting work. If you want to be represented by an art gallery, you must research and follow the procedures of the art gallery.

How to get represented by an art gallery?

Evaluate your art

You need to have a unique artistic approach and several art pieces before applying to an art gallery. The art galleries constantly look for new artists who bring a unique creativity to their exhibitions. Also, you must have at least 20-15 art pieces of a single art style. You may use different techniques, materials, paints, etc.

Next, you must ensure that your work is worth representation. You need to be your critic and evaluate your work. Make it better before approaching any gallery if you think your work can be better. You need to show your best work to the representatives, and therefore, you must practice before finalizing your art pieces.

Research about the gallery:

Every art gallery is different and unique in its approach. Some galleries may represent modern artworks, while some may represent pop art. Therefore, it is necessary to research the art gallery before approaching them. You also need to know about the process, the requirements, and the terms of the art galleries for artists. Hence, it is not ideal to approach a gallery unprepared. You need to find a gallery that represents your kind of artwork. Also, ensure that the gallery is interested in you and your creativity. They do not function just for their benefit but also for yours!

Develop a relationship

If you want a gallery to represent your work, start developing a relationship with them. For example, if you know a part of the gallery, ask them to introduce you to the gallery. If not, you need to develop the relationship yourself. You can start by attending the gallery’s events, spending time with their artists, visiting frequently, understanding their values, etc. Once you develop a relationship with them, it would be easier to represent your work there. However, do not linger in the gallery. Instead, show interest in their work and try to contribute to it.

Understand the process

You must understand the submission process and the policies of the art gallery. They differ for every gallery, so you must go through them carefully. For example, an art gallery may require a minimum of twenty submissions, while another would like to see a sample of only five. Hence, you must carefully read all the requirements and ensure that you fulfill them before applying.

Every art gallery has a different timeline for evaluating and processing an artist’s work. Be patient and respect their process. Do not budge them every day for a response. They will respond to you when they complete their procedure.

Show interest in the gallery.

When approaching a gallery, do not think about your viewpoint only. Think and discuss how you can help the gallery. When talking to an art gallerist, explain what you can bring to the table. You must talk confidently about your work and explain its attributes. Also, you must tell them that you want to work with them and not expect them to work for you. Be respectful of the gallery’s commission. Your work is getting sold because of the gallery’s networking and marketing. Hence, they rightly deserve the commission. Also, the marketing and overhead cost for the gallery is too high. They are investing in you, so they must get their return.

Build an audience

Before you approach an art gallery, build an audience for your artwork. Social media is a great way to establish a handle, especially Facebook and Instagram. It works as a bonus when you connect with a gallery. However, ensure that you have real fans, not just followers. The gallery will know to expect visitors during the exhibition as a result. It gives a sense of security to the gallery.


There is no step-by-step procedure to approach a gallery. However, the above methods can certainly help you get represented by a gallery. Several artists work hard and hope to be represented someday. You must understand how the gallery works and the process it follows. You must show your uniqueness not only in your work but also in your approach.

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