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Textile and dyeing industry adversely affected by Anti-China act

Published: July 8, 2020
Author: Nikhil Shinde

The anti-China sentiment in the country has bothered the textile and dyeing industry. Textile and dyeing industry in Ludhiana have urged the Union government not to a the import of raw materials for dyes and spare parts of machinery from China by stating that it ‘would prove a disaster for the Indian industry’.

The industrialists said that around 80% of the textile machinery and its parts are imported from China, while the raw material for dyes also comes from there. The industrialists said that the government can impose a ban on the import of finished products, but a ban on the import of raw material would be a bane for the industry.

General secretary of Punjab Fabric Association, Bobby Jindal said, “The dyes are manufactured in India, but its raw material is imported from China. Similarly, the textile machinery and its parts are imported from China. The government has stopped the clearance of material that is stuck at ports. The textile and dyeing industry would not be able to survive if the imports of raw material are banned.”

The industrialists rued that the jacket manufacturing sector and the hosiery industry in the industrial hub would also be badly affected if the imports are banned from China.

“All the material for the hosiery industry including buttons, zips, etc are presently imported from China. Around 90% of the fabric used for manufacturing jackets and machinery is imported from China. If the imports are banned from China, then the Union government should provide a financial package to the industry for commencing manufacturing of these items in the country. Otherwise, the industry would collapse,” said President of Knitwear and Textile Club, Vinod Thapar.

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