Italian textile manufacturer, Texon has declared to establish the new bio-based, biodegradable material targeted at the market for luxury fashion and homeware accessories.

Texon Verde is made from sustainably sourced (Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)) cellulose wood pulp, plant-based binders, and natural colors and includes up to 90% bio-based content.

The new material will be available in April, is lightweight, easy to handle, tear-resistant, and wipeable – and has been optimized to have much lower environmental consequences than standard materials in its segment, according to Texon.

Texon Verde is free from any harmful substances because it is made using only eco-friendly mechanical and chemical treatments. Texon Verde also employs a plant-based binder system, which the company claims is compostable, in partnership with top sustainable industry partners.

Boyd Mulder, director of new product development and innovation (NPDI), sustainability, and marketing, said that as the name implies, Texon Verde is green by name and green by nature – and they are particularly proud of its eco-credentials. It is biodegradable and contains a high amount of bio-content, so it checks all the boxes for its customers in terms of environmental stewardship as well as delivering the high-end qualities required for premium and luxury fashion accessories and applications.

The material will be offered in three colors – Bianco, Caramello, and Nero – with samples available for testing at the Lineapelle trade show in Milan, Italy, from February 22-24.