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Texcyle adopts sustainability with Bio elastane in the socks industry. 

Published: March 7, 2024

Texcyle, an Indian socks supplier launches ground-breaking bio-elastane socks, pioneering sustainability in the global socks market

07-02-2024- Texcyle, a pioneering Indian sock supplier, officially launches into the global market, proudly introducing the first-ever use of Bio-Elastane in the production of socks. Founded in 2023 by Raunak Hasnani, an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for revolutionising the sock industry, Texcyle is committed to  producing 100% organic socks and partnering with brands  dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices. 

Texcyle Enterprises adopts sustainability with Bio elastane in the socks  industry. | Pressat

Texcyle’s mission goes beyond just providing socks; it aims to eliminate greenwashing claims in the fashion industry by offering a transparent and eco-friendly manufacturing process. The company’s unique selling point lies in its dedication to a low carbon footprint, top-notch quality, and customization services. 

Texcyle Enterprises adopts sustainability with Bio elastane in the socks  industry. | Pressat

The socks produced by Texcyle are crafted from a combination of Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, and revolutionary Bio-Elastane, making them pioneers of low carbon footprint socks. The company ensures a sustainable manufacturing process from start to end by sourcing ethical and certified materials. Texcyle has also taken a bold step towards sustainability by eliminating all virgin plastic packaging for shipping and distribution, replacing it with eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled paper, cotton, and  compostable plastic.

Texcyle operates on a B2B model, collaborating with eco-conscious retailers, sustainable fashion brands, and companies committed to promoting ethical practices. The company provides custom sock design services, allowing businesses to incorporate their identity while adhering to their sustainability goals. 

“What sets Texcyle apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and customization,” says Raunak Hasnani, CEO of Texcyle. “We’re not just selling socks; we’re selling a vision of a greener, more sustainable fashion world. We invite businesses who share our vision to join us in this journey.” 

Texcyle’s dedication to ethical practices and environmental sustainability makes it standout in the socks industry. The company aims to inspire positive change by collaborating with like-minded businesses and individuals who prioritise clean sourcing. 

By choosing Texcyle, brands are not only sourcing socks but also doing their share of responsibility. Join the Texcyle movement for a greener future. 

For additional information about Texcyle and its sustainable organic socks, please visit:

About Texcyle: 

Texcyle is a women-led company based in Rajasthan, India, dedicated to revolutionising the industry. The company produces 100% organic socks with a focus on sustainability, quality, and customization. Texcyle collaborates with eco-conscious brands and retailers to promote ethical practices in the fashion industry. 

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