Tencel fibres started with top weights category in denim initially, but now used with bottom weights also, says Lenzing Fibres India Pvt Ltd’s, Mr. Ganesh Kumar M (right), Business Development Manager and Mr. Arpit Srivastava, Marketing and Branding Manager.

“Tencel is also used more in men’s category. The mixing of Tencel is up to 30% in men’s category. Tencel fibres, which are mixed with any other fibres, are being sold all over the world. In India, there are buyers like Birlas for Liva which. is mixed with Tencel also.”

Mr. Ganesh Kumar Says we have developed our own Modal fibres which are dyed with dyes from DyStar. The Indigo dope-dyed fibres are directly sold to the denim manufacturers and the advantage is water is not used in this dyeing. In ladies wear also Tencel is widely used with viscose, and denim manufacturers are quite happy with the use of Tencel fibres in a wide range of fibres.

Vinod Denim Ltd is one of the oldest companies in denim. Mr. Harish Arora, Marketing Manager comes straight to the point: “Ours is a 30-year-old company. The denim market is booming now. Like so many others, we have also increased the capacity to meet the rising demand.

Our current production is already booked for 2 months. Post-Covid buyers are in plenty filling the gap created during the pandemic. Our capacity is 30 lakh meters per month. Out of this, 90% is knitted fabrics. Since knitted fabrics have elasticity, they fit snugly to the wearer and today’s fabrics for men and
ladies need such characteristics. Our plants are in Ahmedabad and we plan to increase the capacity to 45 lakh metres.”

Mr. Arora Says “We are making from the basic stage of yarn to finished fabrics in denim. About 50% of our production is exported. Many countries including some Latin American companies are buying our fabrics. Our plants have latest equipment imported from Germany. This has given us an advantage – that we have absolutely no complaints from buyers.”