In one of its kind events, Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament showcased exemplary support to promote public transport and sustainable first and last-mile commute options for a better tomorrow. He inaugurated YULU zones at RV road metro station and his office. He took on to the roads of Namma Bengaluru to promote shared e-mobility in the country via a rally held from RV road metro station to his office.  YULU plays a very significant role in strengthening the Smart city initiative by providing shared, and well-integrated mobility experience to the people.

Yulu’s traditional pedal bikes and electric-assist Miracle provide residents with healthy, sustainable options for daily work commute from public transportation hubs.

YULU organized the rally to create awareness amongst the citizens of Bengaluru ushering a sense of importance on the adoption of public transport and shared e-mobility for the first and the last mile.

With this one more launch in the city, YULU wants to transform the way people commute in India. YULU has been the only brand that has focused on micro-mobility to solve the first and last mile connectivity problems within the city and in the country. There is a need to control the traffic congestion as well as the rising air pollution, in order to make cities a better place to live in. The use of public transport and shared mobility is critical as it is the bridge between ensuring first and last-mile connectivity. 

Tejasvi Surya, Member of Parliament said during the rally,” “The launch of a last-mile mobility alternative is part of the campaign to provide #EaseOfLiving in Bengaluru. I noticed the wide use of private transport by visitors to our office owing to the poor last-mile connectivity between our office and the nearest bus or metro stations.

“Now with the addition of these zones at our office and the public transport stations nearby, we have sustainable, non-polluting last-mile connectivity options to our office. The objective is to encourage the public to adopt mass transit options for their daily commute – be it the BMTC, metro or any of the new-age, app-based platforms.”

Hemant Gupta, Co-Founder and Chief of Operations, YULU also commented during the rally, “We are honored to receive support from Tejasvi, who has been the young torchbearer in promoting public transport and shared e-mobility for first and the last mile. It’s great to see how YULU has embarked on this journey which is translating into huge carbon emission savings along with helping citizens save time and money through the support of city, corporates, citizens and young leaders like Tejasvi”

More than 300 people participated in the event, riding YULU showcasing solidarity for the cause of moving India towards a sustainable future. Yulu aims to further strengthen its presence by penetrating deeper in Namma Bengaluru, where citizens can use the eco-friendly products for the short-distance commute.